Important Spring Planting Information


IMPORTANT – Spring Planting Info

Enterprise units – In order to qualify for the discount, you must plant EACH CROP in at least two sections or farm serial numbers. You must also plant at least 20 acres or 20% of the total unit in at least two sections or farm serial numbers.  Kentucky is Farm Serial Numbers only, Indiana and Illinois are sections only, and Ohio can be either or. If you are in Ohio, and are unsure, please give us a call. Only planted acres will qualify. If you are prevented from planting the crop, prevented planting acres will not qualify unless you plant enough acres of the crop to qualify. Any subsequent PP acres will then qualify for the discount.

Final planting dates and early planting dates are as follows:

Illinois –          Corn              5-31   (earliest plant date 4-1)

                         Sbean             6-20   (earliest plant date 4-21)

Indiana –        Corn               6-5     (earliest plant date 4-6)

                         Sbean             6-20   (earliest plant date 4-21)

Ohio –            Corn               6-5     (earliest plant date 4-6)

                         Sbean             6-20   (earliest plant date 4-21)

Kentucky –     Corn              5-31   (earliest plant date 4-1)

                         Sbean            6-15   (earliest plant date 4-16) 6-25 for double crop, same early date


Planting before the early dates for any crop will result in no replant coverage. If you plant early, your crop will still be insured, it just won’t qualify for replant. The policy requires you to replant before the final planting date as long as it is feasible.

If you need to replant any crop which WILL qualify for replant, you MUST call us before you replant, so we can have a loss adjuster give you permission to replant.   Central Insurance Agency office number (888) 791-3530; Eddie’s cell number (877) 774-3530; John’s cell number (877) 664-2497.