The Next Farm Bill

As congress plans to pass a new Farm Bill in 2018, this winter will be filled with ag committee hearings, public listening sessions, and lobbying on the hill by all of the agricultural industry.  Some initial hearings and listen sessions have already taken place to form conceptual changes to the farm programs.  Two main points of interest already being discussed are a reduction in crop insurance subsidy and more integration of conservation compliance with crop insurance.  Early proposals to reduce crop insurance subsidies include capping subsidies for large producers, reducing subsidies based on adjusted gross income, and eliminating subsidy for the harvest price option.  All of these proposals would increase the cost of crop insurance to many of the program participants.  On the conservation side, environmental advocacy groups are suggesting that the bill should place more emphasis on sustainable practices in qualifying farmers for crop insurance subsidies.  Look for further updates in our upcoming newsletters and in the mean time contact your representatives and voice your support for the current crop insurance program!