What the Hail?

Summer is now upon us and with that comes the threat of devastating hail damage to crops. Hail is formed when there is a rising updraft created by fluctuating high temperatures. Within a range of three to five minutes hundreds of acres of crop land can be completely wiped out. This will leave you with unusable crops that will yield no return, which ultimately puts your farming operation in grave danger. Eliminate that risk by signing up for Crop Hail coverage through FedCrop.

The process is not burdensome and takes very little time to complete, which gives you coverage that will save your farm. The way Crop Hail works is very simple. Varying by crop you pay on a per acre basis to cover your value associated with that land.  Binding coverage can be acquired within two hours of us receiving your application. To access an application please click the link below.

Crop Hail Application

For any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 888-791-3530.

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